Wormald’s services cover the entire spectrum of fire protection. Our design, supply, install and maintenance capability are complemented by audit services to certify compliance with regulatory requirements. We can develop a plan to help you overcome any fire protection system shortcomings and to reduce your fire risk to acceptable levels.

Wormald has built an enviable reputation as a world leader in fire protection systems through our ability to provide dependable and effective systems for all types of facilities. Our systems have been chosen to protect technically challenging hazardous and sensitive environments as well as to provide cost effective fire detection and suppression for general areas. By combining design, supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance services, Wormald can provide your business with fire protection appropriate to your risk profile and budget.


Gas Systems

Water Spray Systems

Mist Systems

Foam Systems


Our Special Hazards team are able to provide engineered solutions to any fire suppression/detection compliant brands available in New Zealand and service/upgrade as desired for full risk coverage.

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Wormald’s years of experience have given our fire system design engineers an excellent understanding of the nature of combustion and the way fire behaves. This knowledge allows us to design the location and configuration of sensors and fire suppression systems, so fires are extinguished swiftly and with a minimum of fuss.

Next we design a system to provide effective protection whilst meeting or exceeding relevant standards. We combine traditional and advanced technologies to develop fire protection regimes which deliver a risk/cost balance suitable to your operations. We can often install some of our advanced systems into an older facility. This can lower your protection costs while raising your confidence in your fire safety systems.


Wormald is now also BIM (Building information modelling) enabled allowing us to collaborate with other technical experts to develop advanced fire alarm and fire sprinkler models within  REVIT. BIM software drives efficiency across the design lifecycle, from conceptual design, visualisation and analysis to fabrication and construction. 

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Wormald Professional
Wormald Professional

Supply, Installation, and Commission

With access to world leading fire detection and evacuation equipment as well as other industry manufacturers, Wormald can supply and install fire alarm and detection equipment for almost any application. Our team are experts at installing fire suppression systems and our specialised project teams are capable of handling projects of any size. We understand in some cases you cannot interrupt your IT capabilities to install protection systems, and so we have developed ways of working safely around sensitive equipment.

Based on a consultative and personal project plan, our installation teams work to incorporate site-specific procedures, client requirements, health and safety policies, and our corporate quality principles in accordance with ISO9001.

Our Systems Capability

Over our 130 year history, Wormald has gained the knowledge, skills and capability to install and upgrade a large range of fire systems. From Fire Sprinklers to Fire Alarm Systems to Special Hazards, Wormald has worked with a range of organisation and industries, each with their unique site requirements – no challenge is too tough.

The Fire Systems we specialise in include:

  • Fire Sprinklers Systems
  • Fire Alarms
  • Hyrdant and Charged Riser Systems
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Evacuation Systems
  • Gaseous Suppression Systems
  • Foam Suppression Systems
  • Restaurant Suppression Systems
Wormald Professional

FACT  Wormald has a fire protection system to suit all environments.
Our Inergen system extinguishes fire quickly without harming
people or sensitive equipment.

Advanced Fire Detection and Suppression Technology

MX™ technology – intelligent fire detection

The MX fire detection system provides very early detection of even slow smoldering fires, while delivering very few false alarms. The multi-function sensors can be configured to detect Carbon Monoxide (CO), smoke and heat, all within a single device. The detected levels are continually fed back to the indicator panel, where the data is analysed by specialised fire detection algorithms. Inbuilt intelligence reduces false alarms and provides a robust and rapid analysis of fire events. As the programming logic is held in the indicator panel, software upgrades are simple and do not require changes to the detectors. The self-testing regime and sensor dirty indicators make the MX system extremely simple to operate and maintain. The system is backward compatible with existing detection systems and can use existing wiring and topology to reduce installation costs.

Inergen® – tough on fires, kind to people

Inergen gas flooding system is one of the most technically advanced fire suppression systems available. Inergen is completely safe to people, with no ill effects on anyone remaining in the protected area when it is released. This is because the Inergen components are naturally occurring atmospheric gases blended in a specific and patented ratio so it is safe for people to be around, with no negative impact on the environment when released. In a fire situation, it is recommended that the area is evacuated to avoid the harmful effects of smoke. Inergen’s fire suppression capabilities are outstanding, quickly suppressing fire by reducing the atmospheric oxygen in a room to a level at which most materials simply will not burn.
Inergen does not fog when released so exit routes are not obscured. As soon as the Inergen cylinders are replaced the facility can continue operating, keeping time lost from a fire incident as low as possible.

Inergen® Systems has the largest footprint in New Zealand and has always been our client’s preferred choice.