Foam Concentrates And Equipment

Wormald can provide a range of foam concentrates and equipment to meet your fire suppression needs.

From Training Foam to Fluorine Free Foam concentrates, we can help you to protect your assets against high challenge flammable liquid fires while minimising any impact to the environment. We can work with you to ensure the foam you use will be compliant with upcoming legislative requirements.

Wormald can also provide the products and engineering expertise to ensure your foam equipment is compatible with the latest foam concentrate and will operate as they are designed to do in an emergency.

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Class A Silv-Ex Concentrate

Class A Silv-Ex Concentrate

Class A foam concentrates are specifically designed to combat fires involving ordinary combustible materials, like wood, paper, coal, rubber, and plastic by making water more effective. The concentrates reduce the surface tension of water providing superior wetting and penetrating characteristics.

This allows the solution to penetrate deep into the char of deep-seated fires, promoting cooling and making the Class A fuel less combustible. The expanded foam solutions also create a dense foam blanket that provides an insulating barrier between the fuel and the air.

The extended drain time of SILV-EX PLUS concentrate provides longer surface wetting and cooling of the fuel and reduces the risk of ignition or reignition. In addition, foams make water five times more effective on Class A fires and cling to vertical surfaces, providing structure protection. 
Class AB LNG JetX Fires High Expansion Foam

Class A, B, LNG JETX Fires High Expansion Foam

JET-X High-Expansion Foam Concentrates are flexible firefighting concentrates, used in fighting Class A, Class B, and LNG fires both indoors and outdoors. Expansion ratios from 50:1 up to 1000:1 make them suitable for a variety of applications including aircraft hangars, flammable liquid storage areas, and LNG facilities.

When used with high-expansion generators, JET-X High-Expansion Foam Concentrate can fill large areas, such as aircraft hangars, warehouses, ship cargo holds, mine shafts, and extinguish horizontal and vertical (three-dimensional) fires.

When used with medium-expansion foam equipment, the concentrate forms a foam blanket that prevents the release of fuel vapor and also provides additional cooling due to the higher water content. Medium-expansion foam has benefits in outdoor applications because the foam is less affected by wind conditions. 
Foam Proportioner

Foam Proportioner

Proportioning Equipment introduces the foam concentrate into a flowing stream of water to produce a foam solution.

There are many methods of proportioning, but fixed foam systems typically use balanced pressure proportioning equipment. All balanced pressure systems use a modified venturi device called a proportioner or ratio controller.

Proportioners are available in a variety of sizes and styles to match required flow ranges and pipe sizes. Each proportioner consists of a body, inlet nozzle, and metering orifice—all of which are corrosion-resistant brass. 
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High Expansion Foam Concentrate 1.2 %

High Exansion Foam Concentrate 1.2%

SOLBERG® HI-EX FOAM is a synthetic, foaming agent containing, among other ingredients, a blend of hydrocarbon based surface active agents. It is a foam liquid of the type Synthetic Detergent and specially designed to be used in medium and high expanding, air aspirating foam generators to produce foam with expansion ratios from 200:1 to more than 1000:1 depending on the type of generator.

Used as high expansion foam the product is primarily used to extinguish fires in inaccessible areas, like warehouses, with displacement of air as main extinguish mechanism. The induction rate for SOLBERG HI-EX FOAM is 1-2% and the generated foam shows very good fire suppression capability.

The low mixture rate makes SOLBERG HI-EX FOAM economical to use. SOLBERG HI-EX FOAM is a state-of-the-art product with low environmental impact and virtually non-toxic. SOLBERG HI-EX FOAM can be applied simultaneously to a fire situation where other types of foam are already in use.
Training Foam

Training Foam

Solberg DoD 3155 is an economical training foam product for cold and hot training exercises. The product is a superconcentrate that must be diluted by adding 1 litre to 19 litres of water, then proportionate the mixture at 6% through air-aspirated or non air-aspirated equipment.

The resulting foam can be used for cold training exercises to allow crews to become familiar with their equipment and have minimal environmental impact. In addition, the foam can be used for hot training exercises on hydrocarbon, non-water miscible fuels.
Versagard Flourine Free Foam 3x3

Versagard Flourine Free Foam 3x3

SOLBERG® VERSAGARD™ AS-100 multipurpose 3x3 fluorine-free foam concentrate is a state-of-the-art alcohol-resistant, fluorine free pseudoplastic foam technology, with no intentionally added PFAS chemicals, designed for extinguishing and securing both Class B (hydrocarbon fuel and polar solvent fuel) and deep-seated Class A fires.

This fluorine-free foam concentrate is a combination of hydrocarbon surfactants and additives delivering excellent foaming, vapour sealing, extinguishment and burnback properties for attacking and securing both shallow and fuel in-depth fires, using fresh, sea or brackish water. Some fluorine-free foams are viscous and often show viscosity increase in contact with water.

SOLBERG VERSAGARD AS-100 creates very stable foams with similar viscosity to traditional AR-AFFF foams. This significantly improves storage, handling and long term stability.