Fixed Monitors

Our fixed monitors offer a wide range of foam firefighting solutions manual or remote controlled options. These high-capacity monitors deliver large, targeted volumes of foam for fire suppression from a distance. Available in various sizes and configurations to meet the design specification, functionality and certification requirements of a given application.

Our range of monitors can deliver up to 20,000 litres per minute from distances as far as 120 metres, with a sufficient water supply. The monitor nozzles provide additional firefighting flexibility with adjustment of foam concentrate flow from fog/wide beam to jet/straight beam. 

Easily deployed in a wide range of special hazard and high-risk applications, including: 

• Refineries, petrochemical, solvent LNG/LPG and other fuel storage facilities 
• Chemical plants 
• Marine operations on ships, tankers, barges, jetties 
• Loading docks 
• Fire trucks / ARFF vehicles / crash tenders

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Foam Pourer

Foam Pourers

Foam Chambers and Foam Makers are air-aspirating foam discharge devices designed to protect flammable liquid storage tanks by applying foam down the inside wall of the tank.

Foam Chambers are designed to generate foam and apply the expanded foam to the fuel surface in a manner that lessens submergence and agitation as the foam contacts the fuel.
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Hurricane - Fixed Monitor


The Hurricane fixed station monitor is a durable, industrial, high capacity monitor with high flow rate and low friction loss. 

It delivers efficient flow performance up to 4500 l/min, provides full 360 degree rotational movement and is available with 3” or 4” ANSI 150 flanges, 3” NPT thread or with extended flange inlets to eliminate rotational clearance issues. 
The red powder coat finish and stainless steel elevation drive ensure it stands up to tough firefighting environments. It is efficient to use, with only 11 turns of the hand wheel needed to change from vertical to the horizontal elevation setting. 

Features and Benefits: 

• Grease zerk for easy servicing and lubrication 
• Built-in automatic drain protects monitor from freezing 
• 360 degree range of motion 
• Threaded port for pressure gauge 
• Range includes various configurations 

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High Expansion Generator

High Expansion Generators

High-Expansion Foam Generators deliver large quantities of expanded foam by blowing air through a screen coated with a high-expansion foam solution.

Because of its high expansion ratio (up to 1000:1), little water is required to generate large quantities of foam.

This dramatically cuts the cost of these systems and has the additional benefit of reducing the system footprint.
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Foam Monitor

Foam Monitors

Foam Monitors control the horizontal and vertical directions of large capacity discharge streams.

Water-oscillating monitors automatically move side-to-side using water pressure as the energy source.

Remote controlled monitors use an electric joystick to control horizontal, vertical and stream pattern. Other monitors are operated manually using a tiller bar or housewheel. 
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Eductors create a foam solution by adding a percentage of foam concentrate into the pressurized water stream for the handline nozzles. 
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Monsoon - Fixed Monitor


The Monsoon is available in a manual or electrically controlled model in two versions: up to 1250 gpm (4750 l/min) or up to 2000 gpm (7600 l/min).

With a unique patented segmented waterway, the water makes very few turns as it travels through the monitor resulting in low friction loss and a far- reaching effective stream.  

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