Fire Training

When there is little time to think, your staff must already know what to do – whether to attempt to extinguish the fire or to get out. Our training courses provide your staff the skills and confidence to make the right decisions and act quickly in the event of a workplace fire.

  • Basic Fire Extinguisher Training
  • Fire Warden Training
  • Trial Evacuations

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Basic Fire Extinguisher Training

The Wormald Fire Extinguisher training course is designed to equip your staff with the skills they need to respond to a workplace fire and make the right decisions to ensure their safety and minimize damage to the workplace. Learn the skills and knowledge required for the use of water, foam, carbon dioxide, dry powder and vaporising liquid extinguishers, fixed hose reels, and fire blankets.

The course will cover off:

  • Understanding the various types of Fire Extinguishers
  • How to respond to a workplace fire
  • Basic operating procedure of a Fire Extinguisher
  • Hands on use of a Fire Extinguisher 

Once participants complete the course they will be able to demonstrate knowledge of the fire classes and fire suppression techniques, and select and implement a strategy to deal with fire.

All teachings are based around AS/NZS 1850:1997 Portable fire extinguishers - Classification, rating and performance testing.

Certificates will be issued and remain valid for two years.

Wormald Professional
Wormald Professional

Fire Warden Training

In the event of a building evacuation as a result of a fire, the role of Fire Warden is crucial to the safety of all building occupants. During an evacuation, the Building or Chief Warden represents the New Zealand Fire Service until their arrival and therefore, has authority over occupants of their building.

The course will cover off:

  • Legislation relating to fire evacuations
  • The responsibilities of a fire warden and Chief Warden
  • Procedures and processes of fire evacuations
  • Evacuation signage, checklists, visitor and assistance registers

Once participants complete the course they will be able to demonstrate knowledge of evacuation requirements for your workplace or site.

Certificates will be issued and remain valid for two years.

Trial Evacuations

Trial Evacuations are the responsibility of building owners as required by new fire safety regulation in 2017 that has been enforced by the New Zealand Government. The Fire & Emergency NZ Act requires owners of relevant building types to ensure trial evacuations are completed at least once every 6-months. Wormald has trainers across the country who can support building owners with their building evacuation requirements.

Trial Evacuations should be conducted in a manner that affects the best possible training for building occupants, but with the least amount of disruption to business possible.

The trial evacuation will include details of how occupants are trained to:

  • use firefighting equipment (fire extinguishers, fire blankets and fire hose reels)
  • use any emergency equipment in the building for assisting occupants with a disability to evacuate from the building
  • know where information about the evacuation procedure is readily available

Our team will also ensure the following steps are followed:

  • Reminder six weeks before the building's evacuation due date, confirming with the appropriate on-site contacts to organise the most suitable time and date for the trial .
  • Recording appropriate report with the FENZ as per the legislation.
  • Attending on-site to arrange the building’s system for activation.
  • Review the site, in regards to extraordinary circumstances, changes in the building or its occupancies.
  • Liaise with the appropriate Emergency Services Communications Sections before evacuation.
  • Arrange a Fire alarm activation and initiate the trial evacuation.
  • Analysis of the evacuation process which includes timing the trial and recording details needed for the NZFS Approved Evacuation Scheme.
  • Resuming systems back to normal status after the evacuation procedure completed.
  • Supervising a Warden's post evacuation debrief and technical review, making amendments as required to ensure effectiveness.

Costs for Trial Evacuations vary for each site dependent on the size and use. Please contact us for a quote.