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Gaseous Agents

Experts in gaseous agent fire extinguishing and fire suppression systems

Wormald offers a comprehensive range of gaseous agent fire extinguishing systems suitable for all kinds of hazards and situations in commercial and industrial applications.

SAPPHIRE™ Fire Suppression System

A unique extinguishing chemical to powerfully fight fire without causing damage to equipment, data and people

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Inergen® Gaseous System

Quickly suppresses fire without further damaging sensitive equipment and does not require time consuming clean-up

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FM-200 Gaseous Systems

Uses a regulated greenhouse gas, works in seconds and is suited to the protection of high value assets

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Carbon Dioxide System

This clean, plentiful and low cost gaseous agent can be stored in high pressure cylinder or low pressure tanks.

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Fire Trace® Fire Suppression

An automatic, pre-engineered system designed to be used in non-occupiable, small or enclosed spaces

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Room Integrity Testing

Protecting IT or electronic equipment, the room must be sufficiently air tight for the gas fire suppression system

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Fire Suppression Enquiry

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