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Wormald Fire Training

Fire equipment, as your first line of defence, is virtuallyuseless if your staff do not know how to use it and evacuations can be chaoticif there is no evacuation scheme in place. Wormald offer a range of courses andsolutions including:   

Basic Fire Extinguisher Training
Courses range from basic skills and knowledge for the use ofwater, foam, carbon dioxide, dry powder and wet chemical fire extinguishers,through to education of the basic chemistry of fire.

Warden and Evacuation Training
The Warden and Evacuation Training Course trains staff to reactappropriately in the event of a fire or building evacuation. The coursesummarises legislation that impacts on fire evacuation and outlines how toassist the New Zealand Fire Service during a real evacuation.

Fire Training Enquiry

Please fill in the below to have one of our Wormald representatives contact you about your enquiry. If you are not based in New Zealand please go to www.tyco.com to locate your local fire safety specialist.