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Suppression Systems 

We do more than fight fires. We help prevent them

A major fire, with its devastating effects, could be the end of your business. Lives can be placed at risk, property can be destroyed and often a business may not fully recover.

This is where Wormald can help. For 120 years, Wormald has been protecting people and property with our comprehensive range of total fire protection systems. Wormald are experts at tailoring fire protection solutions to meet a wide range of requirements.


Expertly designed and installed, gas systems offer powerful yet low impact fire protection.

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Intense heat, oil and electrical appliances require specialised fire protection

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Foam systems are the systems of choice for many large and hazardous facilities

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Water Mist

A versatile and highly efficient fire-fighting medium, a fine mist that rapidly smothers fires

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Water Spray

Fast-acting water spray systems are ideal for special hazard or high risk applications.

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Fire Suppression Enquiry

Please fill in the below to have one of our Wormald representatives contact you about your enquiry. If you are not based in New Zealand please go to www.tyco.com to locate your local fire safety specialist.