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Sava™ Emergency Rescue Equipment

Wormald offer a range of Sava™ emergency rescue equipment ideal for a range of applications including; hazards management, USAR, and urban fire and rescue operations, as well as a variety of industrial applications.

Flat Form Lifting Bags

High pressure heavy lifting bags, large evenly pressurised flat surface in the centre of the bag

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Stacking Alignment Straps

Ensure the bags remain in proper alignment and significantly reduces risk of slippage

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Conventional Lifting Bags

High pressure heavy lifting bags, thin profile, easy to use when strong lifting force is needed

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Variable Dual Console

Recommended for precise inflation and deflation control of the air bags

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Hand held Single and Double Controllers

Hand-Held Single and Double controllers are extremely solid

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Portable Fire Equipment Enquiry

Please fill in the below to have one of our Wormald representatives contact you about your enquiry. If you are not based in New Zealand please go to www.tyco.com to locate your local fire safety specialist.