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Telemetry Systems

Your communications lifeline in tough situations

Personal Alarm Safety System (PASS)/Automatic Distress Signal Unit (ADSU) and Telemetry Systems provide instant and continuous safety monitoring of personnel.

Compact, reliable and built tough, your teams can rely on our range of communications devices to keep them in contact no matter how tough the situation. They are ideal for firefighting, hazardous environments, confined space operations, remote rescue situations and more. The range includes:


Smallest, lightest, loudest stand alone PASS available. Designed to meet the standards for firefighters and industrial workers.

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TPASS™-3 EVACUATE Two-Way Signaling Radio Transceiving

TPASS™-3 EVACUATE is a high-performance two-way radio signaling PASS device that provides total accountability automatically, registering each TPASS-3 unit present by name and ID number. Designed to meet the standards for firefighters and industrial workers.

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TPASS™-4 Compliant Two-Way Signaling Radio Transceiving

TPASS™-4 NFPA compliant two-way signaling radio transceiving PASS device that utlises the “Smart Signal Technology” a patented proprietary high-performance, encrypted two-way radio signaling system that allows every TPASS 4 device to repeat critical distress and evacuate signals.

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SuperCell 250 (SC250) Two-Way Signaling Emergency Distress Alarm Transceiver

The SC250 is a small pager-sized two-way signaling emergency distress alarm transceiver device that provides powerful emergency signaling and monitoring.

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Grace Industries Watchdog Package

Utlising the complete Watchdog package offers your immediate notification of all present TPASS’s in a distress situation, the ability to send EVACUATE or CALL signals to personnel, the ability to perform checks and automatic ROLL CALL when conditions warrant.

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