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Breathing Apparatus 

The professional choice in life safety and rescue

Wormald is one of the leading suppliers of emergency breathing apparatus to firefighters, law enforcement personnel and the military around the world.

Our products and services include; breathing apparatus, emergency air systems, gas and respiratory masks, communication devices, quantitative fit testing and more.

Escape Breathing Apparatus

Breathe easy in hazardous situations with our range of constant flow escape breathing apparatus.

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Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)

An extensive range for every application from industry and marine, to search and rescue.

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Airline Breathing Apparatus

Ideal where ambient oxygen cannot be guaranteed such as aircraft, sewer maintenance, spray painting and more.

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Emergency Air System: Pro-Cab

Portable, easy to use and small enough to fit under the back seat, this system provides a flow of clean air in an emergency.

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Manual & Automatic Resuscitation System (MARS)

Manual and automatic resuscitation systems for many applications, such as; rescue, mining, sporting venues and emergency services

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High-performance facemasks are comfortable and fully-featured with full communications options.

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Filtered Respiratory Systems

Combines protection, practicality and comfort when facing respiratory hazards.

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SCBA Cylinders

An extensive range of 200 and 300 bar cylinders from 2 – 9 litre capacity.

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Communications Devices

Enables clear transmission by providing an interface between the facemask and the radio.

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PASS/ADSU and Telemetry Systems

Personal Alarm Safety System (PASS)/Automatic Distress Signal Unit (ADSU) and Telemetry Systems that provide instant and continuous safety monitoring of personnel.

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Portable Fire Equipment Enquiry

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