T3 MAX™ Thermal Imaging Camera


T3 MAX™ thermal imaging camera is a high resolution thermal imager with optional Thermal Throttle® that allows firefighters to isolate heat sources and optimise visibility at the touch of a button. It offers uncompromising capability without breaking the bank.  

Electronic Thermal Throttle® saves critical time and prevents costly mistakes by pinpointing hot spots during overhaul, identifying overheated electrical equipment and distinguishing hotter objects from cooler ones.  

The Super Red Hot™ feature uses colours to identify hot objects. Starting at 260⁰C, heated objects are shown as yellow and gradually transition to solid red as heat levels rise.  


  • 150 x 120 resolution
  • Optional Electronic Thermal Throttle® reveals hidden fire and distinguishes hotter objects
  • Super Red Hot™ pinpoints fire source and progression
  • Advanced Relative Heat Indicator provides temperature measurement
  • Heat tested to 260⁰C for 8 minutes and 150⁰C for 16 minutes

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