Resuscitation: Manual and Automatic Resuscitation System (MARS)

Manual and Automatic Resuscitation System (MARS)

The Manual and Automatic Resuscitation System (MARS) is a reliable, flexible and high quality unit that is suitable for children and adults in an emergency resuscitation situation.

Wormald supplies a range of manual and automatic resuscitation systems for many applications, such as; rescue, mining, sporting venues and emergency services.

The two central components of the system are the control module and the demand valve. It also features a range of modes, settings, alerts and a manual override to suit a range of situations.


  • Manual and automatic resuscitation modes
  • Selectable tidal volume/patient settings for automatic mode
  • Demand valve delivers 100% oxygen upon inspiratory phase, shutting down the automatic breathing program
  • If the automatic breathing senses the zero flow, the cycle will resume within 4-6 seconds
  • Patient valve alarm will sound if the pressure in the airway reaches 45 cm H2O
  • Manual override trigger allows the operator to perform lung saturation and resuscitation
  • Suitable for children and adults
  • Special versions available and approved for use in mines


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