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Working to performance and design criteria, Wormald’s dedicated alarm designers create tailored solutions that draw on either our own worldwide range of products or those from third parties if necessary.   

 From fire indicator panels and Emergency Warning and Intercommunication Systems (EWIS) that range from simple cost-effective manual systems through to large automated commercial or industrial solutions, Wormald provide an intuitive design service working collaboratively with external project management organisations through to end clients.   

Supply, Installation & Commission

With access to Tyco’s leading fire detection and evacuation equipment as well as other industry manufacturers, Wormald can supply and install fire alarm and detection equipment for almost any application.

Based on a consultative and personal project plan, our installation teams work to incorporate site-specific procedures, client requirements, health and safety policies, and our corporate quality principles in accordance with ISO9001.

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Testing, Service and Maintenance

On call 24/7, our service technicians are trained to test, service and maintain your equipment to help ensure it fully complies with relevant building codes and regulations.

Using patented testing and servicing technologies, combined with the latest mobility device technology we can provide a wide range of services including maintaining other manufacturer’s equipment.  Our expertise extends across a range of fire alarm system and interventions including;

  • Fire Alarm and Detection Systems
  • Passive Fire Protection
  • Building Compliance
  • Building Warrant of Fitness

Fire Alarm Monitoring

Wormald can facilitate the fire monitoring setup for different types of buildings and businesses. From the smallest neighbourhood shop to the largest retail centres, from workshops to warehouses, from car parks to the largest high-rise buildings.  Ongoing fire monitoring costs can be built into the service agreement with Wormald.


In the event of a building evacuation the actions of the fire warden and evacuation procedures are crucial. Our training courses are designed to prepare fire wardens for an emergency situation, they cover;

  • Legislation relating to fire evacuations
  • The responsibilities of a fire warden and Chief Warden
  • Procedures and processes of fire evacuations
  • Evacuation signage, checklists, visitor & assistance registers

We provide solutions to help commercial premises meet Fire Service regulations, update existing schemes or carry out a trial evacuation. Wormald Evacuation services include;

  • Building inspections to evacuation relates issues
  • Preparation of site-specific evacuation scheme
  • Conducting trial evacuations
  • Developing reports and liaising with the NZ Fire Service


Wormald Connect enables you to have instant visibility of your fire service and testing across a single building or multiple sites. It gives you the ability to view, analyse and export data wherever and whenever you need it, 24/7.

Wormald Connect is an entirely web based service allowing you to;

  • View a summary of service calls and defect service calls
  • View and filter on progress of service calls and defect service calls, including details of the resolutions
  • View a summary of routine test results and drill down to details on individual tests
  • View and filter routine test by account, region or site address
  • View, download and print from a selection of manually uploaded document and reports

Certification and Quality

Wormald are involved in standard and committee meetings across the fire protection and building compliance industry.  This ensures Wormald are at the forefront of compliance in relation to service delivery and New Zealand building compliance.

Wormald are AS/NZS ISO9001:2008 accredited, and dedicated to quality, efficient and consistent service delivery.  Wormald technicians are among the most skilled and certified in the industry with many holding certifications from Competenz and Firetech including National Certificate in Fire Detection Alarms Systems Testing, National Certificate in Passive Fire Protection (Routine Inspections), National Certificate in Fire Detection and Alarm Systems relating to Installations, and more.

Health and Safety 

Through our commitment to Zero Harm, our robust and dedicated Health and Safety department ensures we leverage best practices to ensure safety of employees, public and site personnel across all facets of our business.  Wormald are Tertiary level accredited to the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) WSMP programme based on AZ/NZS4801:2001 Occupation Health and Safety Management System. 

With mobility impaired residents, fire protection solutions for the aged care/retirement living sector is high priority, requiring both foresight and expert knowledge, meeting your legislative and accreditation requirements.

Wormald have a range of unique fire alarm detection and evacuation products which are uniquely suited to the challenges faced in aged care and retirement premises.

Our specialised consulting and compliance technicians are able to assess a vast range of fire systems and equipment to help ensure they are in working order and comply with relevant standards and regulations.

Whether you manage a commercial facility or an industrial facility, Wormald has a range of alarm and evacuation requirements to meet all building regulatory requirements. As a Tyco owned company Wormald has unprecedented access to a range of panels and devices suitable for any commercial application, including strata, small and large commercial facitliies and more. From design, installation, commission and servicing – Wormald is a one-stop-shop for all your fire alarm and evacuation requirements.

Planning and implementing fire protection solutions are critical for education facilities especially when hundreds of lives can be placed at risk. Wormald manages all phases of fire protection from concept to completion, covering risk assessment, design, install, commission, service and maintenance. We back all this up with a full range of support services, including specialist engineering advice and fire safety training for your education facilities’ employees.

Whether through unruly guest behavior, accidents or equipment malfunction, hospitality and leisure facilities have a high fire risk. Minor mishaps can quickly become serious threats to your guests, property and business reputation.

Wormald specialises in end-to-end fire suppression systems for facilities such as; hotels, motels, casinos, sports arenas, museums and restaurants. Our systems are concealed and unobtrusive, prompt and automatic – your guests may never know about fires that have been dealt with. With the kitchen presenting the biggest fire hazard in hospitality, Wormald has specialised Restaurant and Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems, refer to the resource center for more information. We also supply and install centrally controlled Emergency Alarms and Evacuation Systems to protect your guests.

With intricate medical equipment and often immobile residents, fire protection solutions for the healthcare sector require both foresight and technical knowledge. For over a century Wormald has specialised in providing these solutions.

Wormald can provide dedicated, specialist teams for design and installation, maintenance and technical support, as well as services ranging from engineering advice to fire training and evacuation plans. We can custom design fire systems to match your needs and your budget or refurbish and upgrade your existing system.

Whether you manage a single facility or multiple facilities across New Zealand, Wormald specialise in end-to-end fire protection solutions. With the largest network of trained technicians in the industry, Wormald can provide a one-stop-shop for all your fire compliance needs.

Wormald understand that managing facilities can be challenging, that’s why with Wormald Connect you can view and track the details of your fire systems testing data 24/7, providing you with peace of mind knowing your facility is compliant to all building requirements.

A fire in a mission critical facility, such as an IT&T facility, can be devastating. IT&T mission critical sites often contain a number of various fire safety hazards including electrical.

Wormald has a range of basic fire alarm panels and devices through to early warning detections systems which can provide advanced protection against potential fire hazards. From concept and design, through to refurbishment, Wormald can provide a suitable solution, along with on-going service and maintenance services to help ensure building compliance.

The marine industry presents many unique and dangerous hazards in terms of fire, safety and security. Protecting people and property on the seas requires specialised and tailored solutions. Our MX™ TECHNOLOGY fire detection systems provide very early detection of even slow smouldering fires and can be configured to detect carbon monoxide (CO), smoke and heat. Sensitive analytic tools mean early detection that is critical in a sensitive marine environment.

A retailer has the added responsibility of protecting their customers and employees from fires and other dangerous situations. A fire safety plan is the best way to provide a clear path to safety if an unexpected fire occurs.

Wormald can manage all phases of a fire protection project from concept to completion covering risk assessment, design, installation and service. In addition to state-of-the-art systems and equipment, Wormald offers a wide range of specialised services from fire safety audits and alarm monitoring through to fire safety training for your staff.

Alarm and Evacuation Enquiry

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