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Fire Extinguisher

Red Line Portable Wheeled Extinguishers

Having fire fighting equipment that is up to the task can stop a small, containable fire from quickly getting out of control. 

That’s why Ansul Red Line wheeled fire extinguishers are a fire fighter’s best friend in: airports, loading docks, steel and iron mills, paint spray booths, offshore platforms, fuel storage areas and heavy manufacturing facilities, etc. 

The fully self-contained Red Line wheeled extinguishers are up to the job, featuring high capacity tanks that contain a choice of extinguishing agents. 

Red Line Wheeled extinguishers are available in two different models, both of whose listings and approvals include UL, ULC and USCG – as well as FM for the Red Line C-Model. 

The D-Model (pneumatic rubber tyre and rubber wheel options) is a more compact unit. It has smaller diameter wheels, nitrogen cylinder and a shorter agent tank, which makes it easier to ship and store. This series also directly transfers nitrogen from the cylinder to the agent tank, thus eliminating the need for a regulator. 

Red Line Wheeled extinguishers’ superior design means they are highly mobile and can be easily handled and operated by one person. Large diameter steel wheels enable the units to be more quickly and easily moved to the fire’s source, and the quick-opening valve options allows for fast, one-step activation. 


  • Corrosion-resistant finish.
  • Customisable
  • Can contain a range of extinguishing agents: FORAY®, Purple-K, PLUS-FIFTY® C, LITH-X®, MET-L-X®, MET-L-KYL, AR-33, AFFF and CO2
  • Single valve engineered for fast, easy, one-step activation
  • A rugged fill cap, which is designed to be quickly and easily removed without special tools
  • Six year warranty
  • Fill cap indicator that enables at-a-glance indication that the unit needs re-pressurising
  • Welded steel agent tank constructed for a working pressure of 250 psi (17.2 bar).

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